Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Friday November 30

You have the entire period to edit your music videos. Go ahead and have a few people watch your videos so you can have feedback to see if you need any last second shots.
You will do an "official" peer edit Wednesday. Videos are due Wednesday at 11:00 sharp. If you are behind, work during TAP, lunch, and after school. Do not plan on turning in your video late.

Next assignment: documentary. I'll post info on that later. Start brainstorming for doc subjects. The one major thing you cannot do is "A Day in the Life" of a friend. More on this soon.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Music Video Treatment

Students will shoot a music video that is no longer than five minutes.
Music videos must have a concept,theme, or story (not 100% lip-syncing).
Raw Footage is due the end of the period Mon/Tues November 19/20.
You can have class time on the 19th and 20th to shoot.
Video should have at least one six-shot sequence.

Students must turn in a one-page typed treatment.

Most videos have an interesting concept such as a fake TV show, a backwards video, a dance video, a live performance video, or simply an interesting story. Your treatment should explain in detail your concept and how you plan to make this concept come to life. Your treatment should answer the following questions:
1. What is your story or concept in great detail? Don't forget costumes, editing and shooting style etc. Your answer should be 4-5 sentences.
2. Who are you working with on this project (inside or outside of class)?
3. When will you shoot?
4. Do you need class time to shoot?
5. What song are you using? How long is the song?

Please email me your responses. Video 3 or 4 music video treatment in the subject line.

Videos must have one at least one eight-shot sequence.
Storyboards of the sequence will be required.

Videos shots must use proper technique discussed in class: good headroom, proper white-balance, leading the subject, focus, and steadiness. Grading of these shots will be more difficult than the last project.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Help The Yearbook Class!

can you have your classes fill some discussions on my website, one titled "seniors" and one "travels"? We are trying to get info for the yearbook on students adventures and on childhood romances and crushes...

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Today in Video 1

Good morning,
I will not be in today until 11:15. I will miss third period and the first ten minutes of fourth.

Export your commercials to Quicktime, change permissions, and drop them into the Vidstore server in the proper period. Videos are due today and I am not accepting late work on this assignment.
When you have finished your commercial and dropped it, I want you to go onto YouTube and look for four music videos that you would recommend others watch. I want you to copy the links so you can paste the link and describe the videos in the comment section below (click on comments and make sure you include your name). Also, please list why you think this is a good music video for the class to watch.

Trent Mitchell
Pearl Jam

Do the Evolution
This is an animated video that seems to pay homage to Pink Floyd's The Wall. The animation is both crude and unique. This is a good video for the class to watch because even though it is animated, the video still showcases simulated camera movement, location changes, and large amount of creativity. Most importantly, the video can really encourage you to think about humans impact on the globe.

After you have posted your links and info you may watch other videos your classmates have suggested. Please post school appropriate videos only.

Your homework: Figure out what song you would like to use for your music video. Music videos should be 2:30-5:00 in length.
We will watch student and professional examples in class on Tues/Wed.

Another video to get you started

Friday, November 02, 2007