Monday, June 03, 2013

Video 1: June 4-6

Please create and edit in After Effects.
Remember, your group can split up the After Effects creation between group members.
When you are done with the After Effects work please export the clips and then place them in the Vidstore>Public Folder for sharing.
Everyone will make their own edit in Adobe Premiere.
You will add:
Fade in and out
Sound effects for EVERY SINGLE EFFECT. This is very important.

The project is due at the end of the period on Tuesday June 11. Seniors will turn in their projects about 20 minutes early so we can watch them in class. You will need to edit for two hours outside of class in order to get this project done on time. You can edit during TAP or after school as needed.

Here is how you export from After Effects:
File>Export>Add to Render Queue
Output mode should be Lossless and you will select the Output mode to name your project and to pick where you want to save it.
Note: this video will NOT play properly in Quicktime but will work just fine when you open it in Premiere.