Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Commercial Peer Edit

1. Did the editor avoid jump cuts and continuity errors?
2. Do you think the pacing is too slow, just right, or too fast? If you thought it was slow, what specifically needs cutting down?
3. How is the camera composition? Is it too shaky at times? Is the frame filled?
4. Is there a slogan in the video made in Title 3D?
5. Does the video fade in and fade out?
6. Is the product clear?
7. Is it clear what the director wants the audience to do?
8. Does the video fade out at exactly 30 seconds?
9. Is the video edited to the music (i.e. to the beat)?

Monday, October 08, 2007

Commercial Treatment

Commercial Treatment

Commercial Treatment

You will write a detailed treatment to the coach or advisor of your club/activity/sport you have chosen to make a commercial for (this is a terrible sentence). You will also send me a copy (CC) of this email.

List of advisors:

Treatment questions you must answer in COMPLETE sentences.

What group have you selected as your subject?
Why did you select this group and why do you think you can make an interesting commercial for this group?
What is your original concept? How are you going to SELL your subject?
What will your tag line be? It needs to be something catchy and memorable.
What kind of music will you use in the background?
Please email the advisor or coach of your commercial subject. Schedule a time to shoot with this person. Include me on this email.

Next Assignment: SCNN Commercial

SCNN Commercial Assignment

You will make a thirty second professional style commercial for a school related group, sport, club, or after-school function etc. Your commercial should be shot and edited in a high-energy style that encourages the other students in the school to either participate in and/or support your chosen group. You will have time during class to shoot the video, or you can shoot before or after school. Each student must do their own commercial.

Commercial Assignment Requirements:

You must use Final Cut Express.
Fade In and Fade Out.
Commercial must be exactly thirty seconds
12 shot minimum-like music videos, most commercials use shots only two to five seconds in length.
Use music appropriate for the commercial and school group.
Use text in your commercial to emphasize in writing what you are trying to sell.
Create a nifty slogan or catch phrase. VERY IMPORTANT!
Use a variety of shots.
Shoot at least two complicated shots. For example, a ‘zoom in and pan’ or a ‘zoom out and truck’ etc.

This is a very quick assignment so please do not fall behind. You CAN start working on this now (as in after school today...reserve your camera pronto)

Monday, October 01, 2007

Editing Reading




These are three short sections that will help you as you edit your videos. Re-shoots may be necessary to fix jump cuts, pacing problems, or continuity errors.

Video Test Thursday and Friday: Here is the review.

Name two things the director does.
How do you focus the camera?
Name the three elements of production.
Editing is done in what stage of the production process?
What stage of the production process is scriptwriting done?
Name the three types of talent we spoke about in class.
What is a boom mic?
What is the thirty-degree rule?
What does P.A. stand for and what does he or she do?
What is a target audience?
Who is in charge of making sure that all items stay consistent from one shot to the next on a video shoot?
What is a sequence?
What is an insert shot?
What is a cutaway shot and what is another name for one??
List three pieces of information a script contains.
Explain the Rule of Thirds
Explain Leading the Subject.
Explain the composition term ‘framing’.
How do you white balance the camera and why do you do it?
What do you twist on the camera to make sure your subject is in focus?
What is a jump cut? Give an example.
What is crossing the axis line? Why do you not want to cross the axis line when you are shooting video?
What information is in a treatment?
What is the 1,2,3 formula?
What is accelerated editing?
What is montage editing?
In music videos especially, edits are made on both subject and camera _____________.

Know the following shots:
Steady Dolly
Heads-in Tails-Out.
Selective Focus
Rack Focus