Thursday, April 10, 2014

Video 1: Short Movie Assignment

The short movie a fictional story that has a beginning, middle, and end.

The movies can be as short as 2:30 or as long as 6:00.
You may work with a partner or four people can create a PART 1 and PART 2 of a specific story (each segment must be 3:00 long).
  • One twelve-shot sequence
  • No Jump Cuts or Continuity Errors
  • Full Script
  • Two pages of full, professional-style storyboards
  • Include title sequence, music, fade in/out, and credits
  • Videos will be filled with sound effects and music as needed.
  • At least one "song" will be created in Garageband.

1. What genre will you shoot? Action? Suspense? Comedy? A combination?
 2. Describe at least three characters in great detail. Examples: age, hair color, personality traits, occupation, and disposition. What motivates your characters?




3. What students (or other actors) will play these characters?
4. Describe the plot of your movie from beginning to end. Use three to four sentences to describe each section. Please describe shot locations within each section.
a. Intro
b. Conflict: All stories have some form of conflict. What are the characters trying to do or achieve?
c. Conflict Resolution 
5. Will you work with anyone in class? Who?
6. Where does the story occur? What are the specific locations where you will shoot? Will you need to shoot after school or on weekends?
7. What sound effects will you use? You will need to add sound effects throughout your video. Try to list 10-15 sound effects if possible.
8. What music or musical score will you use?

Next step: Write the script


Thursday, March 06, 2014

Video 1: Process Video

My Video/Process Video                                 

For this assignment you have two options:
1. You will show or explain to how to do, make, or create something. This should be a process you are familiar with or an activity you are interested in and passionate about.
2. You will make a more abstract or arty video that emulates the passion derived from participating in an activity.

You can add narration or you can edit the shots to music (or both). Feel free to use the Haircut video and Auto Videos as  templates for this assignment.

Challenge: how can you make the process or activity interesting for an audience?

Video should be 1-2 minutes in length.
20-25 shots total
All shots are focused, white balanced, and steady.
Camera angles are diverse and unique.
Video edits are made on movement and there is proper pacing.
B-Roll is both interesting and used effectively with audio.
Rule of thirds, proper headroom, and leading the subject used throughout video.
Audience can hear all music and any narration throughout video.
Narration is easy to hear.
Narration is effective and well written.
There are no TCP errors.
Video fades in and out.
Overall, the video is entertaining to watch.

Raw Footage at the end of the period next Thursday. Tuesday and Thursday are all-period shooting day for those who need it.

You can check out cameras for this assignment starting today.
You can leave campus next Tuesday or Thursday to record footage if your parents send me an email telling me it is OK.

Please copy and past the text below and email the answers to me today.

Please list your subject:  ___________________________
Why are you choosing this subject?
Is this something you can shoot in class? If not, you need to shoot outside of class and turn it in next Monday.
Who will help you with your video? Or will you do it all yourself?

Please list (in order) 15 B-Roll shots for your project:

Monday, February 10, 2014

Exporting From Adobe Premiere

Exporting From Adobe Premiere Pro

These are the settings to export HD Quality Video


Preset=HD 1080i 29.97
Video Codec=H.264
Check the Use Maximum Render Quality Box 
Click Export
Your Project Saves within the Adobe Folder in your Documents section on the Computer
Next, drop your video in the Vidstore Server. Don't forget to use the Naming Convention: 2-mitchellt-Sequence.


Connect to server    

Name: scvideo

Password: Outback23

Sc Video classes

Period 4

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Edited Camera Skills Assignment

Edited Camera Skills Assignment:

·   Fade In
·   Assignment Title
·   Show each shot for 4-5 seconds
·   Create Titles for each shot
·   Add music
·   Place on special effect on at least one clip (I will explain)
·   Add music (I will explain): get music from YouTube using if needed
·   Fade out at the end

I will grade project directly from your computer on Monday.

Monday, February 03, 2014

Placing Clips into Adobe Premiere

Finish shooting your Camera Skills assignment.
Please make sure you have all of your Camera Skills shot correctly with proper composition and steadiness.
 Place your card in the slot behind the machine.
Import your clips to the computer using the Image Capture program. Save your clips to your desktop.
Open Adobe Premiere.
Create a New Project using the DSLR HD 1080P setting.
File>Import your files into Premiere.
Place one clip into the Premiere timeline.
When Premiere asks you if you want to Match Sequence Settings to Clip Settings say YES.

Watch the Tutorials below and start placing your clips in the timeline.
Place the clips in the same order as on the Assignment Sheet.
Add titles for each clip.
Add a fade in at the beginning and a fade out at the end.

Setting Up and Workflow overview:
Editing in the Timeline:
Add Titles, Fades, and Music
Using Trim and Ripple Edit:
Keyboard Shortcuts:
Color Correcting:
Titles and Effects:

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Video Production Reading First Week

 Please take out a piece of paper to take notes on all bold faced words. Put the terms into your own words. We will have random note checks 3-5 times throughout the semester.
Please take the quiz at the bottom of each section. We will discuss all terms in class and you will be quizzed on the material shortly.
Rule of Thirds Video
Leading the Subject (pretend that these pictures are videos)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Peer Editing the Short Movie

1.  Did the editor avoid jump cuts and continuity errors? If not, where are the issues?
2.  Do you think the pacing is too slow, just right, or too fast?  If you thought it was slow, what specifically needs cutting down?
3. Is there overlapping dialogue edited throughout the video?
4.  How is the camera composition?  Is it too shaky at times?  Is the frame filled? What shots should be edited or taken out?
5.  Are titles and credits in the video?
6. Does the video fade in and fade out?
7. Is this story interesting and entertaining?
8. Is there sound effects and music throughout the video? Is there score that fits the mood of the video? If not, where is audio needed?

Video 2: Vine Video Assignment

Each student will turn in four Vine-type videos.
All videos must be school appropriate.
All videos need to be six seconds.
All videos need to be shot at school.
All videos that feature teachers need to be pre-approved. In other words, make sure they know what you want to do and make sure they say "yes."