Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Video 1 and 2 Review

Video 2 students will partner up and teach the Video 1 students all about Video Production. Use the links below to guide your work. We will have a quiz at the end of next week or early next week.
Please take the quiz at the bottom of each section as you work

Rule of Thirds Video
Leading the Subject (pretend that these pictures are videos)

Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Short Movie Treatment

Short Movie

The short movie a fictional story that has a beginning, middle, and end. 
The movies can be as short as 2:30 or as long as 6:00.
You may work with two other students.
Four people can create a PART 1 and PART 2 of a specific story (each segment must be 3:00 long).
  • One twelve-shot sequence
  • No Jump Cuts or Continuity Errors
  • Full Script
  • Two pages of full, professional-style storyboards
  • Include title sequence, music, fade in/out, and credits
  • Videos will be filled with sound effects and music as needed.
  • At least one "song" will be created in Garageband.

1. What genre will you shoot? Action? Suspense? Comedy? A combination?
2. Describe at least three characters in great detail. Examples: age, hair color, personality traits, occupation, and disposition. What motivates your characters?




3. What students (or other actors) will play these characters?
4. Describe the plot of your movie from beginning to end. Use three to four sentences to describe each section. Please describe shot locations within each section.
a. Intro
b. Conflict: All stories have some form of conflict. What are the characters trying to do or achieve?
c. Conflict Resolution 
5. Will you work with anyone in class? Who?
6. Where does the story occur? What are the specific locations where you will shoot? Will you need to shoot after school or on weekends?
7. What sound effects will you use? You will need to add sound effects throughout your video. Try to list 10-15 sound effects if possible.
8. What music or musical score will you use?

Next step: Write the script

Example: http://cybercollege.com/dram_flm.htm

Friday, April 28, 2017

Finished Destroy By Contact Script

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;

public class DestroyByContact : MonoBehaviour
    public GameObject explosion;
    public GameObject playerExplosion;
    public int scoreValue;
    private GameController gameController;

    void Start()
        GameObject gameControllerObject = GameObject.FindWithTag ("GameController");
            if (gameControllerObject != null)
            gameController = gameControllerObject.GetComponent ();
        if (gameController == null)
            Debug.Log ("Cannot Find    'GameController' script");


    void OnTriggerEnter(Collider other) {
        if (other.CompareTag ("Boundary") || other.CompareTag ("Enemy"))


        if (explosion != null)
            Instantiate (explosion, transform.position, transform.rotation);
        if (other.tag == "Player")
            Instantiate (playerExplosion, other.transform.position, other.transform.rotation);
            gameController.GameOver ();
        gameController.AddScore (scoreValue);
        Destroy (gameObject);

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Expert Video Settings

Exporting From Adobe Premiere Pro

These are the settings to export HD Quality Video


Preset=HD 1080i 29.97
Video Codec H.264

Name your file in the Output Name. 

Make sure you look where you are saving the file. 

Click Export
Find your project in the area you saved it on the computer.

Next, drop your video in the Vidstore Server. Don't forget to use the Naming Convention: 2-mitchellt-Sequence.

Click on desktop background
Select Go up top
Select Connect to server
Type Vidstore.shorelineschools.org    
Name: scvideo
Password: Outback23
Select SC Video classes
Place video proper class period.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Music Video Activity in Canvas

Music Video Activity

Today I want you to pick two of the music videos listed below and then watch each one.
I want you to answer a series of questions (in complete sentences) after you watch each video. Please write your responses in the Canvas Music Video Activity Assignment area.

The questions to answer for each video:

  1. What is the name and artist for the video?
  2. What is the concept of the video? Please use 1-2 sentences to explain the story and/or concept. (Dance video? Lip sync? Concert footage? Literal adaptation? etc).
  3. What are three or four things that you like about the video? Be very specific.
  4. What did you not like about the video?
  5. What do you think the budget was? Small, medium, large? Why?
  6. Is there anything in the video you would like to try in your own music video assignment?
Next, add a link to one video of your choice (any school appropriate video that you enjoy) in Canvas and answer the same questions listed above. 
In total, you are answering questions about three videos directly into Canvas. Two videos from the links below and one of your choice. 


Monday Mar 13th: Candid Editing

Good morning. 

 Photo 2 students: please find two partners and teach them all the greyscale adjustments methods from last semester.
 Go step by step and have the other students take notes.
 These include Calculations, Ansel Adams, Basic Channel Mixer, Basic Black and White, and Duotone.
Edit 6 candids in grayscale today. Do not turn these pictures in yet.
Also, please work through the tutorials below.

Tomorrow is a Candid Off Campus picturing taking day.
I will try to arrange it so that students can use Highlander Home time to take pictures.
You must have a C or better to leave campus. Please turn in any missing work right now.

Don't forget your Candid homework assignment is due Thursday.

Extra detailed Ansel Adams Tutorial:

Black and white adjustment layer technique:

Curves and Channel Mixer Technique:

Thursday, March 09, 2017

Peer Edit Assignment

Watch and peer edit three videos.
Answer the questions below and discuss your responses in detail. 
The goal is for everyone to turn in a project without any jump cuts or other errors.
Save the papers and turn them in at the end of the period.
Use complete sentences.

Peer Editing Observations:

1.  Did the editor avoid jump cuts and continuity errors? If there are jump cuts, where exactly are they located on the timeline?
2.  Do you think the pacing is too slow, just right, or too fast?  If you thought it was slow, what specifically needs cutting down?
3.  How is the camera composition?  Is it too shaky at times?  Is the frame filled? What are some examples? Should the editor replace any shots?
4.  Are titles and credits in the video?
5. Does the video fade in and fade out?
6. Is there music in the video?
7. Is this story interesting and entertaining?Why or why not? What needs improving?

Friday, February 17, 2017

Sequence Reading and Examples

Group 10-shot Sequence: A sequence is a series of shots connected together as part of a whole scene.

Example 1:

Example 2:

Example 3:

Example 4:

10-12 different action oriented shots

· Insert Shot

· Reaction Shot (cutaway)

Shoot a master shot of the whole sequence beginning to end

· Shoot every shot three different times from three different angles

· Raw Footage will be graded

· Edited video should include fade in/out, title, music, sound effects, and credits over black

No jump cuts

No continuity errors

Do not cross the Axis Line

All shots in focus. 
To receive credit at all on this assignment you cannot have any errors. All groups must edit sequences individually.