Thursday, October 31, 2013

After Effects Tutorials

Please do the following tutorials today and Monday. You will need to shoot very short videos each tutorial.

Fireball Tutorials:
You need a ten second video of someones moving their hand(or something else of your choice).

Use or to capture flames.
Or you can grab fire from the "Fire Folder" in the Public Folder on my Staff Server.

Energy Ball Tutorial:
You need a video of someone bouncing a pretend ball.
3D Text Tutorials

Advanced Lighting
You need a ten second clip of anything that you want to shoot lightening.

You need a ten second wide shot to do this tutorial.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

SCNN Commercial Assignment




You will make a thirty second professional style commercial for a school related group, sport, club, or after-school function etc. Your commercial should be shot and edited in a high-energy style that encourages the other students in the school to either participate in and/or support your chosen group. You will have time during class to shoot the video, or you can shoot before or after school. Each student must do their own commercial.

Commercial Assignment Requirements:
Fade In and Fade Out.
Commercial must be exactly thirty seconds
12 shot minimum-like music videos, most commercials use shots only two to five seconds in length.
Use music appropriate for the commercial and school group.
Use text in your commercial to emphasize in writing what you are trying to sell.
Create a nifty slogan or catch phrase. VERY IMPORTANT!
Use a variety of shots.
Shoot at least two complicated shots. For example, a ‘zoom in and pan’ or a ‘zoom out and truck’ etc.

Steps for assignment:
1. Go to Youtube and find five awesome commercials. In the comments section below please list the name, URL, and reasons for selecting each video. 
2. Answer Treatment questions below.
3. Email Treatment questions to the adviser asking permission to shoot a commercial for the club, sport, or event. Introduce yourself and ask if they would like to meet in person.

Commercial Treatment

You will write a detailed commercial treatment and send it to the coach or advisor of your club/activity/sport etc. You will ask for their permission to make a commercial and also for suggestions. You will also send me a copy (CC) of this email.

List of advisors:

Treatment questions you must answer in COMPLETE sentences.

  1. What group have you selected as your subject?
  2. Why did you select this group and why do you think you can make an interesting commercial for this group?
  3. What is your original concept? How are you going to SELL your subject?
  4. What will your tag line be? It needs to be something catchy and memorable.
  5. What kind of music will you use in the background?
  6. Please email the advisor or coach of your commercial subject. Schedule a time to shoot with this person. Include me on this email.

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Process Video Prep: Wednesday October 9

Here is what's happening in class today:

Mr. Glombecki will show you four or five Process Videos on the big screen during the first 10 minutes of class. These videos are the template for your assignment.
Remember, you can shoot after school or this weekend.
Friday and Monday are shooting days in class. You can shoot your own video or help someone else.

Next, you will have 30 minutes to storyboard the first 15 shots of your video. You will need to sketch and name the shots. Please do not draw stick figures. The storyboard should look like a short comic strip. When you are finished storyboarding please have Mr. Glombecki check your storyboard off on the attendance chart. You will not receive credit if Mr. Glombecki doesn't check it off.

You will then have 15 minutes to coordinate shooting plans with other classmates.

Finally, at 1:40 you will be given 45 minutes to finish editing your sequence assignment. Please make sure to add sound effects, music, a title, credits, and fades at the beginning and end of the video.
Export your video.
Name it using the naming convention.
Drop it in the Vidstore server period 5.

Do you need to check out a camera tonight? Mr. Glombecki can check out two cameras. Cameras must be returned at TAP tomorrow.

Monday, October 07, 2013

Process Video

My Video/Process Video                                 

For this assignment you have two options:
1. You will show or explain to how to do, make, or create something. This should be a process you are familiar with or an activity you are interested in and passionate about.
2. You will make a more abstract or arty video that emulates the passion derived from participating in an activity.

You can add narration or you can edit the shots to music (or both). Feel free to use the Haircut video and Auto Videos as  templates for this assignment.

Challenge: how can you make the process or activity interesting for an audience?

Video should be 1-2 minutes in length.
20-25 shots total
All shots are focused, white balanced, and steady.
Camera angles are diverse and unique.
Video edits are made on movement and there is proper pacing.
B-Roll is both interesting and used effectively with audio.
Rule of thirds, proper headroom, and leading the subject used throughout video.
Audience can hear all music and any narration throughout video.
Narration is easy to hear.
Narration is effective and well written.
There are no TCP errors.
Video fades in and out.
Overall, the video is entertaining to watch.

Raw Footage at the end of the period next Monday. Friday and Monday mare all-period shooting day for those who need it.

You can check out cameras for this assignment starting today.

Please copy and past the text below and email the answers to me today.

Please list your subject:  ___________________________
Why are you choosing this subject?
Is this something you can shoot in class? If not, you need to shoot outside of class and turn it in next Monday.
Who will help you with your video? Or will you do it all yourself?

Please list (in order) 15 B-Roll shots for your project: