Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Export and Drop

Exporting From Final Cut to Quicktime

File>Export>Quicktime Movie>
Save the video using the naming convention and save it in the movies folder.

Next, control-click on the file in your movies folder and select get info'. Please make sure that everything under details and ownerships and permissions is set to 'read-write'.

Next, log onto to and drop it in the period three folder.


Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Video 1 Day Two

Please take out a piece of paper to take notes on all bold faced words in the above reading.
Please take the quiz at the bottom of each section. We will discuss all terms in class and you will be tested on the material shortly.

Please make sure you understand the proper way you are to frame a camera in this class. You will never shoot randomly in this class because you will "frame" each shot. Pay special attention to rule of thirds, leading the subject, and frame within a frame etc.
You should also know what the following shots are:

Steady Dolly
Heads-in Tails-Out.
Selective Focus
Rack Focus

Bring your notes to class Thursday. On Thursday we'll talk some and then you will be shooting with the camera all next week! (About time, right?)

Video 2 Three-Minute Movie Treatment

Please answer the following questions using abi word, text edit, or Word on your laptop. Send the answers to me and put them in my classes period 3 folder on the STAFF server. Please use complete sentences.
See below for further instructions.

1. What genre or type of video are you going to make? Why?
2. Will you need class time to shoot or are you working outside of class?
3. Please describe your project in four to five sentences. What is the storyline from beginning to end? What is the source of conflict? How will you resolve the conflict? Who are the main characters etc?
4. Who will act in your project? Do they have time to shoot on weekends and after school?
5. What type of music will you create in Garageband?
6. How will you make sure that this project is better than anything else you have done in Video Production? What two or three things are you going to focus on to make sure you improve?

Next, continue reading about the history of film. Look for a short quiz Friday or Monday.

Be sure to take the quizzes after each section.
See you Friday!
Mr. M

Monday, February 04, 2008

First Day in Video 1

Hints for Success in this class

1. Use your time at home with a camera wisely. Having your own camera is very helpful, but if you need to check out a camera from me make sure you plan your video shoot ahead of time.
2. Do not rely on your friends. Your friends are not receiving a grade and therefore are not as motivated as you are.
3. Do not wait until the last minute to shoot. Procrastination will hurt you in this class.
4. Shoot multiple takes of your shots from different angles so you have more to work with when you edit. It is highly recommend to shoot a wide "master shot" of the whole scence and then shoot close-ups after.
5. Make every shot count. Do not shoot random footage.

This is not a writing intensive course, but we do quite a bit of reading the first three weeks of class. Here is what I need you to read during today's class:

Please take out a piece of paper to take notes on all bold faced words.
Please take the quiz at the bottom of each section. We will discuss all terms in class and you will be tested on the material shortly.

First Day in Video 2

Good morning,
I am out sick today and maybe tomorrow. In video 2 this semester we are going to start with a three-minute movie that everyone will enter into the Seattle Times' 3-minute movie competition. I had originally said we would do a mockumentary first, but that will now be 2nd.
We will also be creating SCNN's that air approximately every other week.

To prepare for the 3-minute movie I would like you to do some reading on the history of film. Take the short quizzes at the end of each section.

There will be a quiz on this material, combined with other new material, next week. Tomorrow you should come into class with an idea for your three minute movie because you will write a treatment and turn it into my drop box. You will make your soundtrack for this project in Garageband.