Thursday, June 10, 2010

Final Video Project 2010

Final Video Project: One minute (or less) Movie

· Groups of three-four

· You have one hour next Tuesday to shoot

· You have 45 minutes Tuesday and 30 minutes Friday to edit

· 20 shot minimum, 30 recommended

· Compose challenges

· Action Sequence with sound effects or comedy video

· Full Storyboards

· Shot List

· Background Music

· Fade In/Out

· Title and Credits in Live Type

· Edit as team with a designated audio, credits, and sequence person

Today and Friday: Meet in Groups, Storyboard, and create shot li

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Shorecrest Lip Dub Pop Culture Scavenger Hunt

Who can you find in the Lip Dub Scavenger Hunt Video?

Al Capone
Aretha Franklin
Barbara Eden (as Jeannie)
Banana King
Beaker from the Muppets
Bob Dylan
Bob Hope with hat and golf club "playing through" the entire video
Bruce Willis in white shirt from Die Hard
Charlie Brown
David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust
Eminem with white t-shirt etc.
Jane Fonda doing Jazzercise
Jimi Hendrix
Judy Garland/Dorothy From Wizard of Oz
Julie Andrews/ Mary Poppins or Sound of Music
SW T-Bird Mascot
Sylvester Stallone/Rocky or Rambo
Tupac Shakur
Alice Cullen (Twilight)
Andrews Sisters
Animal House John Belushi
Aretha Franklin
Audrey Hepburn 1960
Barack Obama
Bat Girl
Blue Man Group
Bob Marley
Bonnie & Clyde
Brad Pitt in Fight Club
Britney Spears
Bruce Springsteen
Cameraman Ben from KOMO News
Captain Jack Sparrow
Captain Kirk
Charlie Chaplin
Chris Cornell from Soundgarden
Darth Vader
Diana Ross
Dr Benjamin Spock
Easter Bunny
Eddie Vedder
Elisa Jaffe from KOMO News
Farrah Fawcett
Ferris Bueller
Garth Brooks
Good Witch of the West
Hannah Montana
Harry Potter
Hermione from Harry Potter
Jabba Walkies
Jason from Friday the 13th
Jeff Probst with a "Survivors Ready?" sign
Jim Morrison
Johnny Cash
Kurt Cobain
Lady Gaga
Link from Zelda
Lucille Ball
Luke Skywalker
Margaret Thatcher
Marilyn Monroe
Marty McFly
Mary Tyler Moore throwing hat into air
Max from Where the Wild Things Are
MC Hammer
Michael Jackson (Jackson 5)
Michael Jackson Thriller
Minnie Mouse
Mister Rogers
Monica from Friends
Monopoly Man
Mudkip from Pokemon
Napoleon Dynamite Dance
Navy Service Member
Paris Hilton
Power Rangers
Rainn Wilson
Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde
Rick Astley
Salt and Pepa
Simba from Lion King
Snow White
The Blues Brothers
The Cat in The Hat
The Joker from Batman
The Terminator
Two Avatar Navi's
Vanilla Ice
Woody Guthrie
Yellow M&M
Yoko Ono
Young Beatles