Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Video 1 Music Video Treatment

Music Video Treatment

Students will shoot a music video that is no longer than five minutes.
Music videos must have a concept,theme, or story (not 100% lip-syncing).
You can have class time on March 27th to shoot.
Video should have at least one six-shot sequence.
Raw Footage is due right after spring break.

Students must turn in a one-page typed treatment to the classes period 4 folder. Please use the naming convention.

Most videos have an interesting concept such as a fake TV show, a backwards video, a dance video, a live performance video, or simply an interesting story. Your treatment should explain in detail your concept and how you plan to make this concept come to life. Your treatment should answer the following questions:
1. What is your story or concept in great detail? Don't forget costumes, editing and shooting style etc. Your answer should be 4-5 sentences.
2. Who are you working with on this project (inside or outside of class)?
3. When will you shoot?
4. Do you need class time to shoot?
5. What song are you using? How long is the song?

Videos must have one at least one eight-shot sequence.
Storyboards of the sequence will be required.

Videos shots must use proper technique discussed in class: good headroom, proper white-balance, leading the subject, focus, and steadiness. Grading of these shots will be more difficult than the last project.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Mockumentary Outline

Video II Outline Assignment

You will write a one to one and a half page outline doubled spaced that describes your mockumentary. This needs to be as detailed as possible. If your Outline is not detailed enough you will need to write a script.

Your names first...

Section I

Describe the two to three main characters. Include ages, habits, goals, ambitions, dress style, dialect, and motivations.

Section II

Describe the plot in detail. What happens in the beginning, middle, and end? Why do the characters act the way they do? What is theit motivation? Are there any twists or surprises? What is the conclusion?
This section should be at least 5-7 sentences long.

Section III

Why do you think this idea will work for a mockumentary? What type of humor will you use (situational, character, slapstick etc.)? Give examples of this humor. Do you need any costumes or props? What kind of music will you use? What B-Roll will you need? Where will you do the interviews?

The raw footage is due the day after spring break.

When you are done put the outline in the staff server/classes/period 3.
Please use naming convention plus "mock_outline."

The Northwest High School Film Festival


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Music Video Time!!!

You will use You Tube to watch music videos for about 20 minutes. Find your favorite three.
You will then copy and paste the video URL's (web addresses) to the comment section below along with answers to the following questions for each video.

1. Please list band name and song along with the web address.
2. Describe why you think this is a good video. What makes it interesting? What is the main concept? Is it funny or serious? Dramatic or light-hearted? Why does the video connect with you?

Monday, March 03, 2008

Tuesday for Video 1

I am gone for part of the day today, but I'll be back before the end of school. For those that need a camera, I'll get you one at 2:25.
Sarah and Scott please return the camera to the substitute.

You do have the option to shoot. You can grab a GL from my office if you need to, but make sure you sign out with the sub before shooting.
Sean, can you help collect cameras at the end of class? Thanks.
The first hour of class for the rest of will will be time to work on Garageband. You should try to make at least two or three short songs for different portions of your movie.
At 11:15 the sub will play Jaws.

Raw Footage is due Thursday.