Monday, October 08, 2012

Video 1: Short Movie

Video 1: Short Movie Treatment

  • Starting next week you will have two class periods (at least) to shoot a short movie. 
  • You will also need to shoot at least one day away from class.
    Movies can be as short as three minutes or as long as five.

    You may work with a partner or four people can create a PART 1 and PART 2 of a specific story.
  • You can start shooting away from school as soon as a script is complete.
  • Raw Footage 1 is due at the end of the period on (unedited video) is due at the end of the period on Wednesday October 17th.
  • Raw Footage 2 is due Monday October 22nd.

Simply put, this should be the best fictional story you have created.

You will be required to edit at least once during TAP or after school.
1. What genre will you shoot? Action? Suspense? Comedy? A combination?
2. Describe at least three characters in great detail. Examples: age, hair color, personality traits, occupation, and disposition. What motivates your characters?
3. What students (or other actors) will play these characters?
4. Describe the plot of your movie from beginning to end. Use three to four sentences to describe each section. Please describe shot locations within each section.
a. Intro
b. Conflict: All stories have some form of conflict. What are the characters trying to do or achieve?
c. Conflict Resolution 
5. Will you work with anyone in class? Who?
6. Where does the story occur? What are the specific locations where you will shoot? Will you need to shoot after school or on weekends?
7. What sound effects will you use? You will need to add sound effects throughout your video. Try to list 10-15 sound effects if possible.
8. What music or musical score will you use?
Next step: Write the script

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Sequence Requirements

  • Title
  • Fade in at beginning of video
  • Fade out at the end of the video
  • Add low music throughout the video
  • Add multiple sound effects as needed. Give sound to anything that would make noise.
  • Eliminate jump cuts and continuity errors
  • Color correct your video so the footage looks consistent
  • Credits at the end of the video
  • Only use special effects and video filters if it's necessary.
File>Export>Export using Quicktime Conversion>Select Apple TV in the Format section

Save the video using the naming convention and save it in the movies folder.

Name it sequence 
Next, turn in the project in the Vidstore Server

Connect to server    
Name: scvideo
SC video classes
Classes>Your Class Period