Saturday, November 24, 2012

All School Music Video Project Requirements

  • 3:30-5:00 Long
  • Import folders into Final Cut
  • Place your music on the timeline BEFORE you drag your clips to the timeline
  • Crop the sides of the D4 and D5 backdrop clips (you can do this all at the same time if you need to)
  •  Select In and Out points BEFORE dragging clips to the timeline in Final Cut (this will save you hours of rendering time)
  • 125-150 Edits minimum
  • Edit Classroom Dance Sequences with Long Shots followed by Close-ups (LS, CU, CU, LS, CU)
  • Edit to the beat of the music
  • Edit for a high energy video
  • Create special quick edits with the black and white backdrop footage
  • Create at least one special effects sequence using reverse, speed adjustments, or multiple clips on the timeline

Friday, November 02, 2012

Next Assignment: My Video or Process Video

 For this assignment you have two options:
1. You will show or explain to how to do, make, or create something. This should be a process you are familiar with or an activity you are interested in and passionate about. For example, you could show how to make your favorite cookies or how to properly shoot a basketball jump shot.

2. You will make a more abstract or arty video that emulates the passion derived from participating in an activity. This video might evoke certain emotions from the audience.
You can add narration or you can edit the shots to music (or both). Feel free to use the Haircut video and Auto Videos (shown in class) as templates for this assignment

How can you make the process or activity interesting for an audience?
How can you make sure your shots and editing or both interesting and creative?

  • Video should be 1-2 minutes in length.
  • 20-25 short shots total
  • All shots are focused, white balanced, and steady.
  • Camera angles are diverse and unique.
  • Video edits are made on movement and there is proper pacing.
  • B-Roll is both interesting and used effectively with audio.
  • Rule of thirds, proper headroom, and leading the subject used throughout video.
  • Audience can hear all music and any narration throughout video.
  • Narration is easy to hear.
  • Narration is effective and well written.
  • There are no TCP errors.
  • Video fades in and out.
  • Overall, the video is entertaining to watch. 
The homework is due on Monday.