Thursday, April 30, 2009

Music Video Treatment and Requirements

Music Video Treatment

Students will get into groups of three-four.
Students will shoot a music video that is no longer than five minutes.
Music videos must have a concept,theme, or story (not 100% lip-syncing).
You can have class time on May 5 and May 7. You can of course can shoot outside of class, but you MUST shoot your videos on those days during class.
Video should have at least one eight-shot sequence.
Raw Footage is due at the end of the period on May 7.
Three full sheets of storyboards are required. You will have class time on May 30th to work on these.

Groups must turn in a one-page typed treatment to the classes period 4 folder. Please use the naming convention.

Most videos have an interesting concept such as a fake TV show, a backwards video, a dance video, a live performance video, or simply an interesting story. Your treatment should explain in detail your concept and how you plan to make this concept come to life.
Answer the following in 5-7 detailed sentences:
  • What is your story or concept in great detail?
  • What happens in the beginning, middle, and end?
  • Please list costumes, editing and shooting style etc.
  • What song are you using? How long is the song?
  • Why will this be entertaining for our class?Be specific.

Videos must have one at least one eight-shot sequence.
Storyboards of the sequence will be required.

Videos shots must use proper technique discussed in class: good headroom, proper white-balance, leading the subject, focus, and steadiness. Grading of these shots will be more difficult than the last project.
Please use multiple insert shots and cutaway shots.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Editing Time

I watched quite a few of your videos over the weekend. Most of them are too long and are also lacking music.
(Don't just use pop music. "Soundtrack music is OK" too.
Use the entire period to edit your videos.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bad Day Treatment

1. What genre or type of video are you going to make? Why?
2. Please describe your project in four to five sentences. What is the storyline from beginning to end? What is the source of conflict? How will you resolve the conflict? Who are the main characters etc?
3. What is your shooting schedule? Do you need to shoot off campus Thursday?
4. What costumes or props do you need?
5. What music would fit your video?

Group Video Assignment: Bad Day

Your assignment is to create a 3-4 minute sequence of a continuous event with at least 100 shots. The shots all must relate to one another but your scene does not necessarily have to be an "action" scene.
Your scene should be FILLED with insert shots and cutaways, but you will also need to have a long shot every four or five shots to make sure the audience can follow the action.
Raiders of the Lost Ark did a great job of showcasing this technique.

You will plan your scene beginning with a one-page outline that is due today.

You may start this project as soon as you wish. You will have class time to shoot and/or edit Tues,Wed, Friday, and Monday (Yes, that means some of the shooting and editing will be homework. Sorry). You may import/edit after school on Wednesday or Friday if you need to.

You will all shoot master shots which are shots that last the length of the shoot. You will then shoot insert shots and cutaways from multiple angles. I want this to be the most professional looking video you have ever made.
  • Plan ahead.
  • Storyboard.
  • Get creative. Move the camera and edit on action.
  • Never let the audience lose track of the main objective or goal in the scene.

100 shots: Vary the Angles
Two Separate ten-shot sequences
3-minute minimum, 5-minute maximum
Creative Title in Live Type
Fade In/Fade Out
Sound effects are included effects as needed
One Dolly In/Zoom Out Shot
Each Person Will edit their own video

Group 1: Tyler A, Zoe, Devon, Mike R, Mike U,

Group 2: Alex L., Cody, Chris G, Zach R., Richard W,

Group 3: Natalie P, Alyson, Joe. G, Derek R., Joe V

Group 4: Jordan M, Matt C, Mason, Haley,

Group 5: Scott P, Ryan D, James H, Brandon,Maddy

Group 6: Austin B.,Venice, Kollin, Josh S.