Thursday, February 17, 2005

Unit 1 Review

Video Production Unit 1 Review

Name two things the director does.
Name the three elements of production.
Editing is done in what stage of the production process?
What stage of the production process is scriptwriting done?
Name the three types of talent we spoke about in class.
What is a boom mic?
What is the thirty-degree rule?
What does P.A. stand for and what does he or she do?
What is a target audience?
Who is in charge of making sure that all items stay consistent from one shot to the next on a video shoot?
What is a sequence?
What is an insert shot?
What is a cutaway shot and what is another name for one??
List three pieces of information a script contains.
Explain the Rule of Thirds
Explain Leading the Subject.
Explain the composition term ‘framing’.
How do you white balance the camera and why do you do it?
What do you twist on the camera to make sure your subject is in focus?
What is a jump cut? Give an example.
What is crossing the axis line? Why do you not want to cross the axis line when you are shooting video?
What information is in a treatment?

Know the following shots:
Steady Dolly
Heads-in Tails-Out.
Selective Focus
Rack Focus

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