Thursday, December 01, 2005

Commercial Treatments

Please answer the following questions in COMPLETE sentences and email them to me at

Next, email the advisor of this group to get permission to make this commerical.

1. What group, sport, or activity would you like to make a commercial for?
2. What is your idea or concept for this commerical? Be specific and detailed (2-3 sentences)
3. What will be your tag line or slogan? Why do you think your tag line wil be effective?
4. How will you assure that your commercial is 'high-energy' and engaging? What specific shots and what type of editing technique will you use?
5. When will you shoot your commercial? Keep in mind raw-footage is due next Thursday.
6. What music will you have in the background?
6. Do you need to check out a camera?

Please see the commerical requirements below for more details and be sure to browse the other links for slogan ideas.

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