Friday, February 03, 2006

Video 1 and 2 First Assignment

Video 1
Make a 2-4 minute-movie that showcases the camera shots and skills you have learned in Video Production the first two weeks. Do not go over five minutes in length.

Video 2
Your video length can be between three mintes and eight minutes long.

Videos must be creative and original.
All shots must be white balanced.
Story must have a beginning, middle, end and contain dialogue.
All shots must be in focus.
All shots must be steady with proper headroom.
You must have at least one six shot sequence. I will explain this in class.
You must include the Rule of Thirds, Leading the Subject, and Framing where appropriate.

When you are done with your project you will upload your video to MiniDv tape or Quicktime and we will have an in-class screening day.

The following shots must be used at least once to receive an A grade :
CU, MCU, MS, LS, ELS, Steady Trucking, Steady Panning, POV, Steady Dolly, and Heads in Tails Out.

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