Thursday, March 09, 2006

Music Video Assignment

Music Video Assignment

Music Video Project
Video Production
Mr. Mitchell

Raw Footage March 22/23
Final Project April 4/5

Students will shoot a music video that is no longer than five minutes.
Music videos must have a concept,theme, or story (not 100% lip-syncing).
Students may work with one other person, but everyone must edit their own version of the video.

Students must turn in a one-page typed treatment.

Most videos have an interesting concept such as a fake TV show, a backwards video, a dance video, a live performance video, or simply an interesting story. Your treatment should explain in detail your concept and how you plan to make this concept come to life. Your treatment should answer the follwing questions:
1. What is your story or concept in great detail? Don't forget costumes, editing and shooting style etc.
2. Who are you working with on this project (inside or outside of class)
3. When will you shoot?
4. Do you need class time to shoot?
5. What song are you using?

Videos must have one at least one eight-shot sequence.
Storyboards of the sequence will be required.

Videos shots must use proper technique discussed in class: good headroom, proper white-balance, leading the subject, focus, and steadiness. Grading of these shots will be more difficult than the last project.

Most shots in music videos are only 1-4 seconds long, please keep this in mind when planning your shots. Plan your shots ahead of time. A three-minute video should have at least 60 shots unless your concept requires something different.

Remember your target audience: the class and myself.

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