Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Documentary Requirements

First of all, I would like you to rent one of the following movies over break.

Who Killed the Electric Car
An Inconvenient Truth
Doggtown and Z Boys
Riding Giants

Super Size Me is not an option any longer.

There will be small quizzes on these movies based on what you watched individually.

Watch these movie(s) and pay attention to how they use footage combined with interviews. Basically, notice what video is being showm while people are talking. How does this footage relate to the interview? This footage is called B-Roll footage.

Next, you will pick your subject for your 2-4 minute documentary/news story.
You will create a treatment.
You can start shooting.

Documentary Treatment Video 1

Please answer the following questions in complete sentences. Email your responses to me.

1. What is your documentary subject?
2. Why did you choose this subject? Why would this be interesting for us to watch(two-three sentences)
3. What do you think your audience can learn from your documentary? (one-two sentences)
4. What type of B-Roll will your video need (three-four examples)
5. How will you make sure you can cover all sides of this subject? Who will you interview and where will you interview them? (two-three sentences)

A Day In The Life of a friend, student, or former student will not be accepted. Pick an issue, team, club, group, or band etc.

Raw Footage will be due January 11th.

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