Thursday, May 24, 2007

There is a sub today. Here is what is due.

First of all, can someone please have the substitute call me at home? I need to give him instructions on lending out the 3 cameras for the weekend. Thanks!

Students should fill out and turn in via email the treatment questions on the blog site. These are due TODAY.

Homework: Students to rent and watch one of the films listed on the site. They also need to start shooting their documentaries over the weekend.

Documentary ideas:
Gas prices and how they affect students.
Budget problems in Shoreline.
Opinions on the Iraq war and politics (with a student interest).
A new sport or club.

If you have decided to do a 4-5 minute short movie, you must answer the treatment questions from before and turn in a full 4-5 page script next Wednesday. If you do not turn in a script your movie will not be accepted.

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