Thursday, February 12, 2009

3 min Movie

* You will make a three-minute movie that has a full story from beginning, middle, and end. You will also create music for your project in Garageband or Soundtrack Pro.
* Your video can be a comedy, drama, romance, or action film (or a combination of those).
* All videos will be entered in the Seattle Times Three-Minute Movie competition in the Spring.
* I will give two periods of class time for you to shoot your video. You will need to return off-campus permission forms if you would like to shoot away from school.
* You can work with one other person in the class on your project, but you must edit separate videos.

Please answer the following questions using abi word, text edit, or Word on your laptop. Send the answers to me and put them in my classes period 4 folder on the STAFF server (do NOT email me your treatments). Please use complete sentences.

1. What genre or type of video are you going to make? Why?
2. Will you need class time to shoot or are you working outside of class?
3. Please describe your project in four to five sentences. What is the storyline from beginning to end? What is the source of conflict? How will you resolve the conflict? Who are the main characters etc?
4. Who will act in your project? Do they have time to shoot on weekends and after school?
5. What type of music will you create in Garageband?
6. How will you make sure that this project is better than anything else you have done in Video Production? What two or three things are you going to focus on to make sure you improve?


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