Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Short Video Assignment


Make a 3-4 minute-movie that showcases the camera shots and skills you have learned in Video Production the first few weeks.


Videos must be creative and original.

All shots must be white balanced.

Story must have a beginning, middle, end and contain dialogue.

All shots must be in focus.

All shots must be steady with proper headroom.

You must have at least one six shot sequence. I will explain this in class.

You must include the Rule of Thirds, Leading the Subject, and Framing where appropriate.

You can work with one other person n this project, but you each need to edit your own version of the video.

The following shots must be used at least once to receive an A grade :

CU, MCU, MS, LS, ELS, Steady Trucking, Steady Panning, POV, Steady Dolly, and Heads in Tails Out.

Extra Credit Shots:

Selective Focus

Rack Focus

Zoom In and Dolly Out

Due Dates:

Raw Footage is due at the end of the period Monday Oct. 5th

I am looking forward to seeing your videos. I will provide you with class time to shoot and edit your projects. Therefore, please try to plan ahead as much as possible. For example, if you are shooting at school remember to bring all your costumes and props etc. Always remember your tapes as well.

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