Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Video 1 Documentary Peer Edit: Due at the end of period Wednesday

You will edit until 9:15 today.
At 9:15, please partner up with someone who has NOT seen your video.
Watch your partner's video two times and answer the questions below using text edit or Word. When you finish writing, please conference with your partner and discuss both videos in gret depth. Please be as critical as possible.
After the conference, turn in your work to the STAFF server, classes, period 1.

1. Is there an introduction that explains the documentary subject? Is it effective, why or why not?
2. Are the interview sound bytes kept between eight and fifteen seconds in length? Do the interviews move the story along? Are the interviews free of background noise?
3. Is there narration in the video? If there is no narration, are there titles that further the story? Are either of these an effective way to help tell the story?
4. Is the enough B-roll in the video? Does the B-Roll enhance the story or is it just filler? Could adding any pictures from the Internet help the story? Does the B-Roll need transitions?
5. Is the project three-six minutes in length?
6. What music is used? Is there enough variety? Could more music be helpful?
7. Can you hear all of the interviews OK? In other words, are there any TCP errors? TCP errors (Technical Continuity Problems) are inconsistent audio levels or video glitches.
8. Finally, what would you do to improve this video? Give three specific examples.

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