Wednesday, January 13, 2010

SCNN Commercial Treatment

Commercial Treatment

You will write a detailed commercial treatment and send it to the coach or advisor of your club/activity/sport etc. You will ask for their permission to make a commercial and also for suggestions. You will also send me a copy (CC) of this email.

List of advisors:

Treatment questions you must answer in COMPLETE sentences.

  • What group have you selected as your subject?
  • Why did you select this group and why do you think you can make an interesting commercial for this group?
  • What is your original concept? How are you going to SELL your subject?
  • What will your tag line be? It needs to be something catchy and memorable.
  • What kind of music will you use in the background?
  • Please email the advisor or coach of your commercial subject. Schedule a time to shoot with this person. Include me on this email.

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