Thursday, November 18, 2010

Video 1 Important Dates

Tuesday Nov. 22nd:
All Day Music Video Editing

Tuesday Nov. 30:
All Day Music Video Editing
Due: Music Videos at end of the period

Thursday Dec. 2:
Watch Music Videos
Prepare for SCNN Commercials with examples etc.

Monday Dec. 6:
Write SCNN Commercials in Class
Due: SCNN Treatments

Tuesday Dec. 7:
Shoot SCNN Commercials during class and after school
Thursday Dec 9: Finish shooting SCNN commercials and start editing
Due: SCNN Commercial Raw Footage

Monday Dec. 13:
Edit SCNN Commercial

Tuesday Dec. 14:
Finish Editing SCNN Commercial
Due: 30 second SCNN Commercial

Thursday Dec 16:
Documentary Prep

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