Friday, December 03, 2010

Social Experiment Documentaries/News Stories

Mr. Mitchell’s 4 Hints to create better documentaries
1. Keep the camera rolling, capture as much footage as possible.
2. Research your topic…become an expert.
3. Come prepared at interviews with a list of questions. Ask how and why questions.
4. Avoid bias in your story. Tell the facts and avoid taking sides.

Documentary Questions

First, read this section on interview techniques here.

1. What angle will you take on The Social Experiement? A first-person, school wide, or SC vs. SW angle?
2. Who will you interview and why? If you are doing a first person story you can interview more than just yourself.
3. Please list five questions you can ask three different people (or different types of people).
15 questions total.
4. Now list the B-Roll video that can go along with these questions.
5. What can you do to make this news story interesting for a general audience?
6. How can you become an expert on this subject? What type of statistics can you find?
7. What day or days next week would you like a camera?

Documentary Treatments are Due Today.
Please put them in the classes folder (period 4) on the STAFF server.

Today you will create a list of 30-40 documentary questions that you will ask at lest four to five people involved with your subject.

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