Thursday, December 08, 2011

Video 2 Sequence Assignment

Group 10-shot Sequence: A sequence is a series of shots connected together as part of a whole scene.

Example 1:

Example 2:

Example 3:
Example 4:

· Back and Forth Dialogue
15-18 different shots
· Insert Shot
· Reaction Shot (cutaway)
Shoot a master shot of the whole sequence beginning to end
· Shoot every shot three different times from three different angles
· Raw Footage will be graded
· Edited video should include fade in/out, title, music, sound effects, and credits over black
No jump cuts
No continuity errors
Do not cross the Axis Line
All shots in focus.
To receive credit at all on this assignment you cannot have any errors. All groups must edit sequences individually.

Friday: Script and Storyboard
Monday: Shooting
Wednesday: Edit

Groups (Camera Operator listed first)
1. Sophie, Nicholi, Donavyn: Art Reflection Winners
2. Matt, Emma, and Randy:Art Expo Design Contest
3. Marcus, EJ, and Jessse:Yearbook
4. Keelan, Katie, and Corey: Indoor Soccer Open Gym

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