Friday, February 10, 2012

Video 2: The Mockumentary Assignment

A Brief History of Mockumentaries

The Mockumentary Outline Assignment:

You will write a one to two page doubled that describes your mockumentary. This needs to be as detailed as possible. If your Outline is not detailed enough you will need to write a script.

Your names first...

Section I

Describe the two to three main characters. Include ages, habits, goals, ambitions, dress style, dialect, and motivations. What makes these characters interesting? Why would we want to watch a video about these characters?

Section II

Describe the plot in detail. What happens in the beginning, middle, and end? Why do the characters act the way they do? What is their motivation? Are there any twists or surprises? What is the conclusion?

What B-Roll will be needed?
This section should be at least 6-8 sentences long.

Section III

Why do you think this idea will work for a mockumentary? Although the actors are acting completely serious, mockumentaries are usually funny.
What type of humor will you use (situational, character, slapstick etc.)?  Do you need any costumes or props? What kind of music will you use?

Please list 10 different jokes. What will be said and what will be shown. Describe the scenario and explain why that scenario is funny.


4-8 minutes long depending on the size of the group
Interviews with good audio
B-Roll video for EVERYTHING
No jump cuts or continuity errors
 Two pages of professional-style storyboards.

All projects must use the 30 Degree Rule, rule of thirds, proper headroom, leading the subject, framing, proper white balance, steady camera work, and show strong creativity. Also, please shoot and use many close-up shots, insert shots, and reaction shots as possible.

Important Dates:
2/17 Outline Due

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