Sunday, January 27, 2013

Video 1 Monday January 28

1. Grab a blank DVD from my desk, place it in your computer, and drag your work into the DVD. Right-Click burn. This will back up your work. You may need two discs, you can also use Dropbox.
2. Submit videos for the Shoreline Film Festival. If you think you have a video that should be played on our Film Festival on May 23rd please drop it into the Vidstore Server with Your Name_Project Name_Film Festival as the name. You may submit more than one video.
3. Work with your group to finish the project. Color correct, add titles, credits, and fade in/out.
4. Export projects. File>Export>Quicktime Conversion>Apple TV
5. Drop files into the Vidstore server Period 3.
We will watch videos at the beginning of the period on Wednesday.

Don't forget to back up your projects to disc!

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