Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Jump Cuts Reading and Sequence Requirements

Good morning,
Today you will edit your sequences. Before you edit please read the articles below and take notes. We will have short quiz on Thursday.




20 Steps for Shooting Great Video

Edited Sequences Requirements:
  • Review your footage: do you have a variety of shots from a variety of angles?
  • Put shots in order
  • You need at least ten different styles of shots in the video
  • Edit Shots in Premiere
  • Eliminate Any Jump Cuts by cutting to Reaction Shots etc.
  • Add Fade in at beginning of Video and Fade Out at the end
  • Add low level music throughout
  • Add Three Instances of Sound Effects
  • Add Title
  • Add Credits

When you are done with your Edited Sequence Show it to Holden, Sierra, or Steven. If you have Jump Cuts grab a camera and re-shoot your footage. In order to receive credit on this assignment you must eliminate any jump cuts.

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