Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Process Video Prep: Wednesday October 9

Here is what's happening in class today:

Mr. Glombecki will show you four or five Process Videos on the big screen during the first 10 minutes of class. These videos are the template for your assignment.
Remember, you can shoot after school or this weekend.
Friday and Monday are shooting days in class. You can shoot your own video or help someone else.

Next, you will have 30 minutes to storyboard the first 15 shots of your video. You will need to sketch and name the shots. Please do not draw stick figures. The storyboard should look like a short comic strip. When you are finished storyboarding please have Mr. Glombecki check your storyboard off on the attendance chart. You will not receive credit if Mr. Glombecki doesn't check it off.

You will then have 15 minutes to coordinate shooting plans with other classmates.

Finally, at 1:40 you will be given 45 minutes to finish editing your sequence assignment. Please make sure to add sound effects, music, a title, credits, and fades at the beginning and end of the video.
Export your video.
Name it using the naming convention.
Drop it in the Vidstore server period 5.

Do you need to check out a camera tonight? Mr. Glombecki can check out two cameras. Cameras must be returned at TAP tomorrow.

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