Monday, December 02, 2013

All School Music Video Requirements

  • 3:00-5:00 in length
  • You can use one song or a mash up of different songs
  • Download footage from the Vidstore Server
  • Organize your folders by class name on your computer
  • Import all folders in Adobe Premiere
  • Drag one clip down into the timeline and select "Match Sequence Setting To Clip Settings"
  • Crop the sides of the D4 and D5 backdrop clips (you can do this all at the same time if you need to)
  •  Select In and Out points BEFORE dragging clips to the timeline in Premiere
  • (this will save you hours of rendering time)
  • You must show all classes, teams, groups, and students
  • Edit Classroom Dance Sequences with Long Shots followed by Medium Shots and Close-ups (LS, MS, CU, LS, CU)
  • Edit to the beat of the music
  • Edit for a high energy video
  • Create special quick edits with the black and white backdrop footage
  • Create at least one special effects sequence using reverse, speed adjustments, or multiple clips on the timeline 
The final videos are due at the BEGINNING of the period on Friday, December 20th.

Note: All students are REQUIRED to edit for three extra hours over the next two and a half weeks. You will sign in and out on a sheet near my desk.
You can  edit during TAP, Lunch, or after school.

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