Thursday, June 12, 2014

Two Minute Video Assignment

Alright guys, you did an excellent job on the One-Minute movie assignment. Can you do the same for something longer?

Two-Minute Movie
Please get in groups of 3-4.
Brainstorm story ideas.
Pick an idea. Drama, comedy, romance, or thriller are all good genres.
Start writing your script. You have the entire period to create a script and shot list. I will also give you 15 minutes tomorrow to finish this writing assignment.

You can start shooting your assingment Friday afternoon. You will also have an hour on Tuesday to shoot as well.
You can do this on your own using friends or family members instead of classmates.
You can use your own camera as long as it shoots 1080P video.
You can check out a camera from me tomorrow.

The video is due 30 minutes into class next Friday. You may edit your video anytime between Monday and Friday.

Please email me right now if you have any questions.
Mr. Mitchell

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