Thursday, March 05, 2015

Sequence Editing

You have the entire period to edit Sequences.
Before you begin editing please read this link about avoiding jump cuts:
Please fast forward to the 30 second mark and watch this link:

Sequence Requirements:
     10-12 different action oriented shots
 Insert Shot 
 Reaction Shot (cutaway)
Shoot every shot three different times from three different angles
Raw Footage will be graded
Edited video should include fade in/out, title, music, sound effects, and credits over black
No jump cuts
No continuity errors
Do not cross the Axis Line
All shots in focus. 
     Videos are at least 30 seconds long.

To receive credit at all on this assignment you cannot have any errors. All groups must edit sequences individually.

If you need to quickly re-shoot a shot please grab an iPad or cell phone.

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