Monday, June 15, 2015

Peer Edit Questions

Peer Editing Observations:

1.  Did the editor avoid jump cuts and continuity errors? If not, what needs to get fixed before the video is turned in?
2.  Do you think the pacing is too slow, just right, or too fast?  If you thought it was slow, what specifically needs cutting down?
3.  How is the camera composition?  Is it too shaky at times?  Is the frame filled? What shots need to be replaced?
4.  Are titles and credits in the video? Is the title an After Effects creation?
5. Does the video fade in and fade out?
6. Is this story interesting and entertaining?
7. Are there sound effects for everything? What sounds can be added?
8. Are there 150 shots/edits?
9. What else do you suggest that can make this video more entertaining?

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