Monday, September 12, 2016

Video 1: Camera Skills Assignment

Camera Skills Assignment
Mr Mitchell
Video Production 1

Get into groups of two or three students.
Each student will shoot all the camera shots straight through on their own memory card and then the next student will shoot.
Zoom in and focus for every shot before you record.
Record each shot for 5-10 seconds.

You will be graded on the following criteria:
All shots must be steady, in focus, and correct in composition to receive credit.  When you are panning or trucking, remember to us two hands if that helps.  Also, for each shot please consider the Rule of Thirds, Framing, Proper Headroom, and Leading the Subject where they apply.

·      CU
·      MCU
·      MS
·      LS
·      XLS or establishing shot (no zoom)
·      Truck Right slowly with subject
·      Slow Pan Left to object
·      Slow Tilt up to object
·      POV (set up shot first, it’s two shots)
·      Use leading lines to showcase a subject
·      Frame a subject using an object in the shot
·      Slow Dolly in from LS to CU of subject
·      Heads in Tails Out (two shots)
·      OTS

Every shot needs to be white balanced, in focus, and steady for 5-10 seconds.
When all students in the group are satisfied they have shot “A” work for every shot, they will bring the SD Card and camera back to class and import the clips to Adobe Premiere.

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