Monday, February 13, 2017

Edited Camera Skills Assignment

Good afternoon. You have a sub today. Please check in with Jake or Finn if you have questions.
1. Watch the Premiere tutorials listed below and use your non-Camera Skills clips we used yesterday to  to learn/adjust the material. Again, work through each of these videos. Use headphones.

Setting Up and Workflow overview:
Editing in the Timeline:
Add Titles, Fades, and Music

Add filters:
Using Trim and Ripple Edit:
Keyboard Shortcuts
Color Correcting:
Titles and Effects:

2. Go back to your Camera Skills Sequence and add the following:
  • Fade In/Out
  • Title at beginning of video on Video 2 line over black background
  • Title for each shot on Video 2 line
  • Music underneath the video (lower the volume using the pen tool if needed)
  • One special filter applied to one clip
  • One clip slowed down to 75%

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