Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Sabotage Assignment

Camera Movement and Exciting Editing Techniques

Directions: Get into groups of three or four. Quickly decide on an action-oriented storyline that you can shoot fairly fast and on the go. Next, please shoot the following groups of shots together as listed below. When you are finished, please import your shots into IMOVIE and assemble them in any order you wish (as long as the groups of shots themselves stay the same). Each person in the group should import onto their own computer. Next, add intense or high-energy music to your clips and export. We will watch a majority of these videos in class.

Grading: To achieve an A on this assignment you must not have any jump cuts. Also, please make sure each shot has proper headroom, leading the subject, and rule of thirds etc.

Purpose: To practice effective camera steadiness and composition.

• Group 1: LS to MS to CU of one subject (also called the 1,2,3 formula)
• Group 2: pan right to tilt up to CU and then zoom out to MS
• Group 3: Dolly out from one subject and truck right to moving subject
• Group 4: Shoot LS of main action, then an ECU, and then a CU of a reaction shot
• Group 5: Zoom out on a moving object from CU to LS
• Group 6: Pan right with moving subject, POV of subject, place camera on ground and have subject move towards camera
• Group 7: Have two subjects in a simulated discussion. Cut back and forth between the two subjects using OTS, POV, CU, MS, LS, and CU Reaction shots
• Group 8: Combine four shots of your choice together

You CAN add more shots if you wish.

(If you are stuck without an idea, just think of creating a high-energy video like Sabotage)

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