Thursday, May 05, 2005

Final Video Project Requirements

Final Video Project

Option 1

Original Short Movie
4-8 min long
one twelve-shot sequence
No Jump Cuts or Continuity Errors
Full Script
Two pages of full, professional-style storyboards
Include title sequence, music, and credits

Option 2

3-6 min long
Interviews with good audio
Narration (voice over)
B-Roll video
No jump cuts or continuity errors
Mockumentary needs a full script and two pages of professional-style storyboards.
Documentary needs a full page of questions to be asked and project goals.

All projects must use the 30 Degree Rule, rule of thirds, proper headroom, leading the subject, framing, proper white balance, steady camera work, and show strong creativity. Also, please shoot and use many close-up shots, insert shots, and reaction shots.

Due Dates
Full One-page typed Treatment: May 9
Script Work Day: May 10/11
Script (one-page per minute of video time): May 12/13
Storyboards: May 17/18
May 19/20 will be optional in class shooting days
Raw Footage Due Date one: May 24/25
Hitting the Raw Footage Due Date will be 20% of your final grade
Final Project Due June 14/15

One warning for the final project: Do not turn anything in late. To pass this class you must pass this assignment.

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