Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Final Cut Exercise for Video 2

Get in groups of three.
Shoot two seperate ten shot sequences. One sequence will be action orinted and the other will be a sequence with two people talking.
Please make sure to use the 30 degree rule when shooting and to vary your shots (LS,MS,CU,POV,OTS,DOLLY, Heads in/Tails Outs, and trucking etc).
Import your footage into Final Cut.
Edit your footage.
Add a title at the beginning of the video and credits at the end.
Begin and end the video with a fade transition.
In the dialogue section please add one split screen shot.
Add music underneath the action sequence.
Export your videos to quicktime.

Each person edits their own video.
You have until 8:45 to shoot.

Don't forget that raw footage is due for the re-create a scene next Wednesday.

Luna needs to meet with Britt at 9:00 in regards to SCNN.


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