Monday, May 08, 2006

Documentary Treatment Video 1 and 2

Please answer the following questions in complete sentences on a seperate piece of paper. Print your work neatly please.

1. What is your documentary subject?
2. Why did you choose this subject? Why would this be interesting for us to watch(two-three sentences)
3. What do you think your audience can learn from your documentary? (one-two sentences)
4. What type of B-Roll will your video need (three-four examples)
5. How will you make sure you can cover all sides of this subject? Who will you interview and where will you interview them? (two-three sentences)
6. When do you need a camera? Remember, raw footage is due in two weeks.

When you are finished hand in your paper to Mr. Mitchell. Next, please read Cybercollege 63 and 64. Whatever you do not finish reading from those two chapters is homework tonight.

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