Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Three Minute Movie Treatment Video 2

For this assignment all of your music must be done on Garageband.
You can work with one or two other people on this project.
Each person will edit their own video.

You MUST shoot during class time on the given days.
The movie, including brief credits, must end at exactly 3:00. Not a second longer.

I want each of you to focus on the lighting in this video. Use lighting for a purpose.
Also, get creative with your shots. Combine shots. Make sure each shot is framed with an interesting compostion.
Basically these videos should be "arty".

1. Please describe your story in four to five detailed sentences. Include character descriptions and motivation. What is the conflict?
2. Who are you working with?
3. What is the tone of your movie? What type of Genre are you attempting?
4. What will make this interesting to your classmates? Why will I want to watch the video?
5. What types of shots will you shoot that you haven't done before? How will you improve on this video compared to other videos?

Email your treatment to me with Video 1 or Video 2 in the subject line.

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