Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Wed in Video

Good morning,
Today you have one hour to work on your 3 min movie script. At 9:00 the sub will play Jaws. Your script should be approximately 3 pages long, roughly one page per minute.
Please include character description, action, dialouge, and camera shots.

I would recommend doing this assignment on your laptop and working on it as homework before Friday. Scripts will be due at 8:30 on Friday. At that time you will storyboard your video.

Who needs a camera? I can check out five cameras on Thursday and five cameras on Friday. Please email me at trent.mitchell@shorelineschools.org if you want a camera.
Raw footage is due next Wed. Plan on shooting ASAP.

The sub will be leaving me names of anyone not working/playing games etc. You DO NOT want to have your name left behind.

Have fun!

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Anonymous said...

Yahoo is now blocked by the websense policy at school.