Thursday, December 13, 2007

Documentary Narration Example

Here is another students example. I am looking for a few more complete sentences in the open and closing section, otherwise this is a great example!

Interviews: Producers on goals, structure, hopes, inspiration.
B-roll: Quick clips of footage from whole production (especially over the explanation of what OUAW is). The poster, checking off the days of the week, scripts, sign-up sheets etc.
Narration: Interviews function as narration/explanation. (“Once Upon a Week was originally done by the UW. The student receive a theme, and write a five minute play over the weekend. On Monday, the plays are looked at and cast. The only rehearsal is on Tuesday, and on Wednesday the plays are preformed.” etc.)
Music: “One Week” by BnL

Day 1: The Theme is Decided.
Interviews: None.
B-roll: Producers discussing theme; choosing cast sizes; list of writers and cast sizes. (B-10, Thursday)
Narration: “Day 1: Themes and Logistics” in text. The discussion will carry the story. Probably something along the lines of “On Thursday, the producers discuss cast sizes and the theme for the production.”

Day 2: The Theme is Announced.
Interviews: Writers on theme; play ideas. (SC people on Fri, SW people on Tues).
B-roll: Paper with theme on it, theme related things from the rest of the production. (Fri, various days.)
Narration: Story carried by interviews and opening text (Day 2: The Theme is Announced).

Day 3 & 4: Writing Scripts.
Interviews: None.
B-roll: Writers hard at work on scripts. Probably only one or two, since that would be hard to organize and I think the writers wouldn’t want to be bothered. (Both shots of writers and of what they’re writing). Possibly overlay of finished, typed scripts (shot on Mon).
Narration: Script writing guidelines. (see attached).

Day 5: Actors Are Cast.
Interviews: Writer’s reactions to writing a play in two days. (SC people on Mon, SW people on Tues.)
B-roll: Producers deciding, CU shots of finished scripts, shot of final cast list.
Narration: Something like “Producers discuss casting and draw up a final list.” Simple, direct.

Day 6: Casts Announced, Rehearsal.
Interviews: Actors, producers and directors (from SW and SC) on how it’s all going, what’s it like etc. (A total of 5-7 people).
B-roll: REHEARSAL. (Varying shots, different plays, etc.) Also, actors looking at the cast list, and a shot of the list.
Narration: None, except the title.

Day 7: Tech and Performance.
Interviews: Audience members about expectations/reactions. (5ish people, short interviews). Casual “interviews” with actors while they’re getting ready.
B-roll: Backstage preparations, the performance itself, shots of the house (filling up, emptying, etc), curtain…
Narration: None, except the title.

Interviews: 5-6 people, all different member of production, on the big “How did it go?” question.
B-roll: Footage from entire production, to match whatever the interviewees talk about.
Narration: None. The documentary will end with some memorable/sentimental answer from one of my interviewees.