Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Documentary Requirements Video 1 First Semester

Documentary Assignment for Video 1 and 2

3-6 min long
Interviews with good audio (no background noise)
Narration (voice over) or text that moves story along
B-Roll video (video shown while we hear interview or narration)
No jump cuts or continuity errors
Documentary will need a full page of interview questions , project goals, and scripted narration.

All projects must use the 30 Degree Rule, rule of thirds, proper headroom, leading the subject, framing, proper white balance, steady camera work, and show strong creativity. Also, please shoot and use many close-up shots, insert shots, and reaction shots as you can.

Due Dates
December 6/7: Treatment.
December 10: Cybercollege reading. There will be a quiz.
December 11/12: List of 20 different questions for interview subjects.
Decemeber 13/14: Scripted Narration and outline
Decemeber 18: Raw Footage 1: At least Four interviews and five minutes of B-Roll
January 3/4: Raw Footage 2: Four to five more interviews and 8-10 more minutes of B-Roll
January 14: Documentary Rough Draft Due: First Peer Edit Session
January 22/23: Final Peer Edit Session, Documentary Due at end of period. THIS DATE WILL NOT CHANGE. LATE WORK WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

Mr. Mitchell’s 4 Hints to create better documentaries
1. Keep the camera rolling
2. Research your topic…become an expert
3. Come prepared at interviews with a list of questions
4. Avoid bias in your story. Tell the facts and avoid taking sides.

Reading For Documentary Unit


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