Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Today in class

1st period Digital Photo

1. Please have the students put their final projects beneath the white board next to John Wayne.
2. Please have the students select their BEST picture from the whole year and drop it into both Mr. Barkers Drop Box and my classes folder period 1. The naming convention should be 1_mitchellt_bestpicture.
3. Finally, the students need to create a folder in iPhoto and drag their 20 best post-Photoshop adjusted pictures in there.
4. They then to need to open iMovie and create a Final Slideshow. They need to drop music into the timeline and then use the Ken Burns effect to adjust their pictures in iMovie. Each picture should play for 6-8 seconds.

Next, students should drag pictures from the iPhoto folder (within iMovie) into the timeline.
Put the pictures in order and try to time them to the beat of the song.
Students need to add titles BEFORE transitions. Add titles add the beginning of the slideshow and for 10 of the pictures. The titles should reflect the project title.
Students then need to add short (1-3 second) transitions between clips.
Students should export file as a full-quality Quicktime movie, adjust the permission to

read and write (click apple-I to get info),
and then drop the video in the vidstore server.
go >
connect to server >
type vidstore.shorelineschools.org >
user name = scvideo
password = otis
root = SC Video classes
folder = period 1

Videos are due at 9:40.

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