Monday, February 04, 2008

First Day in Video 1

Hints for Success in this class

1. Use your time at home with a camera wisely. Having your own camera is very helpful, but if you need to check out a camera from me make sure you plan your video shoot ahead of time.
2. Do not rely on your friends. Your friends are not receiving a grade and therefore are not as motivated as you are.
3. Do not wait until the last minute to shoot. Procrastination will hurt you in this class.
4. Shoot multiple takes of your shots from different angles so you have more to work with when you edit. It is highly recommend to shoot a wide "master shot" of the whole scence and then shoot close-ups after.
5. Make every shot count. Do not shoot random footage.

This is not a writing intensive course, but we do quite a bit of reading the first three weeks of class. Here is what I need you to read during today's class:

Please take out a piece of paper to take notes on all bold faced words.
Please take the quiz at the bottom of each section. We will discuss all terms in class and you will be tested on the material shortly.

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