Thursday, September 20, 2012

Edit Your Camera Skills Assignment in Final Cut

Once you have made sure all of your shots are steady and use proper composition you can start editing your shots in Final Cut Pro.

Here are the requirements for editing your camera shots:
1. Put the shots in order.
2. Trim the ends using In and Out points in the viewer BEFORE dropping clips into the timeline. Do not leave in any extra or unsteady footage.
3. Add Fade In at the beginning and and Fade Out at the end.
4. Add two second titles for each shot.
5. And Video Effects to two different shots at a low level such as earthquake, sepia, or fisheye etc.
6. Add two sound effects on the timeline. You need to download the Sound Effects Folder from the Vidstore>Public Folder.
7. Add music at a low volume throughout the video.
8. Export your video by selecting File>Export>Quicktime Conversion. Change the Format tab to Apple TV and click save. Then drop the video into the Period 3 folder on the Vidstore server.

Connect to server    
Name: scvideo
Password: Outback23
Sc Video Classes
Period 3

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