Friday, September 26, 2014

Editing Requirements For the Sequence Assignment

  • Fade in at the beginning and fade out and fade out at the end.
  • Title over black at the beginning.
  • Credits over black at the end.
  • Music/Sound Effects for EVERYTHING that needs sound.
  • Fade In/Out Audio
  • No Jump Cuts!
To obtain Sound Effects please do the following:

  • Go to the Vidstore Server
    • Click Desktop
    • Click Go at the top of the screen
    • Connect to server
    • Type in Vidstore
    • Name: scvideo
    • Password: Outback23
    • Sc Video classes
    • Public Folder 
    • Sound Effects Folder
  • Open the Public Folder
  • Search for the Sound Effects Folder
  • Option-click on the Sound Effects folder and drag it to your desktop
  • Search the Sound Effects folder to find sounds to use
  • Use File>Import to import each sound to Adobe Premiere

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