Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Music Video Peer Edit Instructions

Each person will need a piece of paper.
You will write your name on the paper at the top. You will write the editor's name above the questions.

Peer Editing Questions for Music Video:
 Please answer the following questions using complete sentences:

1.  How is the pacing?  Slow? Fast?  What could improve? What would help make the video more entertaining?
2.  Are the shots steady or do some shots need work?  Be specific.
3. How many jump cuts (if any) does the video have?  All jump cuts will need to be re-edited or even re-shot.
4.  Is the video edited on subject or camera movement?
5.  Do the edits go to the beat of the song? 
6.  Is the story or concept easy to follow? Why or why not?
7. If there is lip syncing does the lip syncing match the words? If not, where does the editor need to make changes?

8.  Overall what would you suggest to make this video better?  Please list three detailed items.

When you are finished please conference with your partner. Turn in the Peer Edit sheets after the conference.

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