Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Three-Minute Movie Self Assessment

Three-Minute Movie Assessment
Each student answers all of these questions in complete and detailed sentences.

  • ·    Please list your group members.
  • ·    Please grade your final project from a group perspective. Consider composition, editing, music, sound effects, titles, and entertainment value. What does your group deserve?
  • ·    Please grade your own individual effort on this project. What do you deserve and why? What could you have done differently to help your group?
  • ·    Please let me know if there were any issues with your group. Were there students who didnt did their fair share? Were there students who did extra work?
  • ·    Team work is an essential part of Video Production. Sometimes you cannot pick your team.What could Mr. Mitchell do to help make group work more productive in the future?

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