Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Video 2: Suspense/Horror Movie

Suspense/Horror Movie 

You are going to create a short suspense/horror movie.
You can work in groups of three or four.
You will have two full class periods to shoot the project. You will most likely need to shoot on a weekend too. 
Movies can be as short as three minutes or as long as eight.

Please answer the questions below and email me the responses. (trent.mitchell@shorelineschools.org)
1. What project will you shoot? 
2. Describe at least three characters in great detail. Examples: age, hair color, personality traits, occupation, and disposition. What motivates your characters?
3. What students (or other actors) will play these characters?
4. Describe the plot of your movie from beginning to end. Use three to four sentences to describe each section. Please describe shot locations within each section.

a. Intro
b. Conflict: All stories have some form of conflict. What are the characters trying to do or achieve?
c. Conflict Resolution 

5. Will you work with anyone in class? Who?
6. Where does the story occur? What are the specific locations where you will shoot? Will you need to shoot after school or on weekends?
7. What sound effects will you use? You will need to add sound effects throughout your video. Try to list 10-15 sound effects if possible. How will these sound effects enhance your project?
8. What music or musical score will you use? Why are you choosing this type of music?
Next steps: 
  • Write the script or create a shot list. 
  • Storyboarding.

Example: http://cybercollege.com/dram_flm.htm

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