Thursday, March 09, 2017

Peer Edit Assignment

Watch and peer edit three videos.
Answer the questions below and discuss your responses in detail. 
The goal is for everyone to turn in a project without any jump cuts or other errors.
Save the papers and turn them in at the end of the period.
Use complete sentences.

Peer Editing Observations:

1.  Did the editor avoid jump cuts and continuity errors? If there are jump cuts, where exactly are they located on the timeline?
2.  Do you think the pacing is too slow, just right, or too fast?  If you thought it was slow, what specifically needs cutting down?
3.  How is the camera composition?  Is it too shaky at times?  Is the frame filled? What are some examples? Should the editor replace any shots?
4.  Are titles and credits in the video?
5. Does the video fade in and fade out?
6. Is there music in the video?
7. Is this story interesting and entertaining?Why or why not? What needs improving?

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